- Monday, August 28, 2017

Business Cards

This was a business card I did for an old blog of mine that I've since shut down because I don't have the time. But, I aimed for minimalism. The background is one I used on the blog in the header. I wanted a simple, easy to read font. The picture of me was so that people could remember which one I was, and for branding purposes, I used the picture that I used on my blog. In addition, I didn't want to jumble up my call to action with address, phone number, email... all the ways to get a hold of me, I had on that site. That was the point, to get people to my blog.

I've designed quite a few business cards for printing presses before the business card designs transformed, back when you had to think about one ink color vs 2 inks, vs full process for pricing. I don't have any of them anymore. It was too long ago.

But I did design some templates for Zazzle at some point. These are more for people to edit themselves, and I aimed for some of the trending concepts, such as minimalism and double-sided cards. 

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