- Saturday, September 9, 2017

Pinterest Images

Most of my Pinterest Images were for my own blogs, but occasionally, I help others with Pinterest more in the form of advice that I don't follow but it works. 

I try to keep to the basic concept: grayed, vertical images. Sometimes I use bright colors, but in my experience, people prefer pins that meet their search criteria more so than design, but when matched against similar sites / articles, the design matters. 

For instance, the popular pins are usually more so trending ideas; however, anyone on Pinterest a bit knows that some of the most viral pins do not even go to a real website because the link is broken or it was clickbait, but the picture was so pretty... 

So I aim for pretty, but most important, any social media requires some A/B Testing. I notice romance articles fair better with black and white, classic looking images because that concept really portrays romance (1950's classics makes hearts mushy); however, the same concept doesn't work so well on DIY where people seemingly prefer pastels, minimalism, and amazing photos of the actual project. So you want to find the right kind of designs for what you're doing; however, you also want to stand out from the crowd, and A/B Testing is a good way to try out new concepts. 

 I try to use bright and colorful for "fun" ideas because Pinterest thrives from aspiration. The design itself should make people want to do the thing that's in it.

And my last one, here's more of an infographic-like pins I designed for my branding workbook. In this case, the design and color scheme was from the book's design and color scheme. 

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